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BOOTPAC in the Garden

BOOTPAC is designed to help you with all the jobs that require you to take garden and DIY waste to your  local Recycling Centre.  It is easy to load either in the garden or directly in the car.  It is fully adjustable so can be raised up as you fill or tailored to fit in the back of your car.

Once full it can be zipped shut to keep moisture, dirt and insects away from the car interior.

At the Recycling centre it is easy to remove and empty ensuring every leaf & insect goes into the skip.

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Garden Waste

  • Your BOOTPAC is a large adjustable bag with multiple handles on all sides.

  • Start with it low and as you fill it with garden waste and cuttings extend it upwards.

  • Once full zip it shut sealing in damp, mess and insects.

  • Use side straps to compress the load.

  • Load* into the car with the zip facing out your rear window ready to unload at the Recycling Centre.

* Always move heavy objects with care, using 2 people to lift if necessary.

Do not overload.

Seals in Wet & Dirt

  • The BOOTPAC can be filled in the garden then sealed and loaded into the car.

  • Alternatively BOOTPAC can be installed into the back of the car, adjusted to size, and then filled and sealed.

  • BOOTPAC fits most medium and large hatchbacks, SUVs and estates.

  • It can be extended to take advantage of the extra space if the seats are down.


Seals in Wet & Dirt

  • Simply zip up to seal in wet and dirt

  • Garden waste, annoying insects & any moisture is kept safely away from the interior of your car

  • Easy to wipe clean after use


  • In the garden the bag can be adjusted in height as it fills. 

  • It holds unto 1200L at maximum height.

  • BOOTPAC fits almost all hatchbacks, SUVs, 4x4's and estates.

  • It can be extended to take advantage of the extra space if the seats are down.

  • Fixings loop over headrests or internal handles to hold the BOOTPAC open for loading.

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