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See how BOOTPAC fits in an award winning SUV

The Kia Niro got a 5 Star rating from What Car and was a winner of CAR OF THE YEAR - so we thought what better car to demonstrate the BOOTPAC?

The first thing we noticed was how well the bag fitted the back of the car - really filling the space available. Fitting the straps around the struts was easy using the clips and webbing built into the BOOTPAC

Inside we decided to try the BOOTPAC at full length- so had the rear seats down.

The inner straps easily fitted around the grab handles or the headrests - we went for the headrests in the end to get that extra bit of length to fit the bike...

Once unzipped the BOOTPAC completely protected the rear paintwork and the opening was huge making loading the bike really easy.

Once loaded the bike and any mud was sealed in and completely hidden.

The BOOTPAC will work just as well in all SUVs as the webbing attachment system is super adjustable and will keep it in place whatever the opening.

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